• Privacy Policy: Identity theft prevention measures

Privacy Policy: Identity theft prevention measures

Our aim is to establish a relationship with our customers firmly built on trust by providing high-quality service that meets a myriad of requests. By fully utilizing the ORIX Group's comprehensive power as a member, we deem our customers' privacy as a critically important information asset, and will accumulate it through fair and legal practices, ensuring that it is appropriately used, controlled and protected in accordance with the following policies. The purpose of this document is to publicize our uses and explain our handling measures, pursuant to the provisions of the Act on Identity theft prevention measures.

Purpose behind personal information use

We will only use customer personal information for the following purposes. We will not use any personal information of customers beyond the scope of necessity for achievement of the following purposes without consent of the customer:

• For the purposes of appropriately meeting customer applications or requests and making appropriate offers to customers in discussions with them, regarding real-estate transactions (business of sales for lots, purchase and sales (including the purchase and sale of trust beneficiary rights,) exchange, leasing of condominiums and housing, and mediation and carrying out said business on behalf of customers), after-sales services incidental to real-estate transactions, consulting services related to real-estate transactions, real-estate related service businesses such as facility operation and management of hotels, golf courses, training centers, etc. and healthcare businesses, and insurance and other financial product businesses;

• For the purposes of assessment in credit transactions or transactions in which customers have investments, i.e. (investment transactions,) and making appropriate decisions and responses in confirming customers' identity.

• For the purposes of appropriate administration and management of contracts with customers and being responsible for management required by law or in order to respond to inquiries after termination of said contracts;

• For the purposes of introducing company information, various products and services of our company and ORIX Group companies, and other companies through direct mailing, e-mail, over the phone, and so forth;

• For the purposes of utilization in marketing analysis in order to provide customers with better products, services and satisfaction;

• For the purposes of conducting various administrational and managerial tasks necessary for company management.

• For the purposes of sharing with ORIX Group companies.

If we intend to use any personal information for any purposes other than those listed above, we will specify the purpose of such usage and obtain prior consent from the relevant customer.

Sharing of Personal Data

The ORIX Group responds and meets the various needs of its customers by fully utilizing its comprehensive power under its consolidated management; therefore, we may share personal information of customers held by us with ORIX Group companies. Please refer to the following:

• Parties that share personal information
ORIX Group companies:
Companies that are included in the ORIX Corporation's consolidated accounts and accounted under the equity method based on laws and regulations.
Major group companies are those separately listed in the "List of Group Companies".
* Companies that share and use personal information are subject to change.

• Purposes for sharing personal information
Parties that share personal information are to use it for the following purposes:
(1) For conducting various company management tasks such as controlling claims, asset conditions and risks to our company and ORIX Group companies;
(2) For marketing analysis and development of products and services in order to provide customers with better products, services and satisfaction;
(3) For introducing and offering products and services which ORIX Group companies deal in.

• Shareable personal data items
Items within the scope of information necessary for the above "Purposes of sharing"; such as names, addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, credit-related information and transaction information.

• Party responsible for controlling personal data
ORIX Real Estate Corporation
2-14-5 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014

Provision of personal data to a third party

We will not disclose or provide any personal data of customers held by us to or for any third party without consent of the customer; except, however, in the following events:

(1) It is necessary based on any provision of laws or regulations;
(2) It is necessary for the protection of a person's life, physical safety or property (including a corporation's property) and it is difficult or impractical to obtain the consent of the customer;
(3) It is especially necessary for the improvement of public health or promotion of sound development of children and it is difficult or impractical to obtain the consent of the customer; or
(4) It is required in order to cooperate with a national or local authority or a person appointed by such an authority in its execution of affairs required by law or regulation, within which seeking the consent of the relevant customer may hinder the execution of said affairs.

Collection of personal information

We will collect personal information by legal and fair means such as (1) direct method: collecting from the customer within the scope of the purposes of use specified on or in our Website or documents, or (2) indirect method: obtaining information legally collected by our group companies, companies in partner relationship with us and companies commissioned to do our business from such companies within the scope of laws and regulations.

Compliance with laws

We recognize that for the purposes of identity theft protection, it is necessary that all directors and employees adequately understand laws and regulations and other norms on the handling of personal information and comply with them, and will ensure that said understanding and compliance is thoroughly realized.

Continuous improvement of the compliance program

We will make a compliance program including personal information, periodically review it, and continuously improve it.

Protection and control of personal data

Based on established company rules etc., the personal data of customers is appropriately controlled under the custody of a compliance officer, who is appointed to each department, taking the utmost care to prevent such information from being leaked to the outside. Furthermore, we have taken security measures in an adequate and reasonable level against risks such as unauthorized access from outside, loss, destruction, and falsification.

Commission of handling of personal data

In order to provide better services for customers, we may commission outside persons to perform our business. In this case, we may also commission these persons to perform all or part of our handling of personal data. In selecting such persons to be commissioned, we carefully make evaluations based on our standards for appropriate handling, which have been established in terms of the control of personal data, confidentiality, and restriction on re-commission, prevention of identity theft, etc. Upon contracting these services, we supervise and control such commissioned persons.
Examples of commissioned persons:
(1) In the business of sales for lots and development, construction companies, design firms, management companies, sales companies, interior work companies, companies commissioned to hold previews, moving companies and the like;
(2) In the leasing business, real-estate leasing companies, management companies, and the like;
(3) In real-estate transactions, judicial scriveners, land and house investigators, survey companies, and the like; and
(4) Information processing companies, direct mail posting companies and other companies which are necessary for our business operation.

Disclosure, correction, etc. and suspension of use, etc. of personal data held by us

• Disclosure of personal data held by us
Any customer is entitled to request us to disclose his/her personal data (held by us) to him/her. If a customer requests us to disclose his/her personal data to him/her, we will appropriately respond without delay according to laws and regulations.

• Amendment, etc. of personal data held by us
As a result of said disclosure, if an error is found in the personal data held by us, the customer is entitled to request us to correct, add to or delete the relevant personal data held by us (hereinafter referred to as "correction, etc."). In the event that a customer requests correction, etc. of his/her personal data, we will appropriately respond without delay according to laws and regulations.

• Suspension of use of personal data held by us
In the event that a customer requests us to suspend the use of, delete or suspend provision to third parties of the personal data held by us (hereinafter referred to as "suspension of use, etc.") for any of the following reasons, we will appropriately respond without delay according to laws and regulations:
- Using the personal data for purposes other than the specified purposes of use;
- The personal data of the customer held by us was not collected by legal and fair means;
- Any of the customer data held by us constitutes a breach of the above "Provision of personal data to a third party".

When a customer makes a request for disclosure, correction, etc. or suspension of use, etc. of personal data held by us, the customer is requested to follow the "Identification Procedures" established by us and then make the request following our prescribed procedures. In some cases, the customer may be charged a handling fee. With regards to the necessary procedures and handling fees, please contact our "Personal Information Inquiry Service".

Scope of application of this Privacy Policy and links to other companies’ Websites

On our Website, some links to other companies' Websites are introduced to provide our customers with useful information. We are not responsible for identity theft prevention of such companies' Websites. Please confirm the privacy policy on the homepage of each link.

Personal Information Inquiry Service

Personal Information Inquiry Service
ORIX Real Estate Corporation
Service Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (except national holidays and year-end and new year holidays)
Phone: +81-3-5418-4312

Update of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is subject to updates. Please check the date of latest update.
(Date of latest update: May 24, 2012)

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